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Luncheon Seminar

ASAE’s Luncheon Seminar on
Agricultural Development: New Perspectives

in a Changing World

Edited by Kei Otsuka and Shenggen Fan

  • Date and time: March 19 (Sun) Lunch time

  • Free lunch is provided.

  • Registration is required at our conference registration site. 

  • Max 100 participants.

Lanchon Seminer


Ken Otsuka

Kei Otsuka
(Kobe University)


Shenggen Fan
(China Agricultural University)


Futoshi Yamauchi


Xiaobo Zhang
(Peking University and IFPRI)

The world has been changing dramatically for the last several decades, and so does the landscape of agriculture. In addition to hunger, poverty and undernutrition have become major global concerns. The demand for high-value agricultural products has been rapidly increasing in developing countries. Gender equity and women’s empowerment are recognized as major global development goals. Above all, human beings face increasingly serious challenges from climate change. Yet, the study of agricultural development suffers from a lack of textbooks that address the diversity of emerging agricultural issues in an integrated fashion. We therefore decided to put together chapters on diverse agricultural development issues into the volume on agricultural development. The purposes of this luncheon seminar are to identify global issues, to discuss specific emerging issues, and to propose how to reshape agrifood systems to achieve multiple global development goals.

This seminar is cosponsored by the Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies (Kobe University) and the Academy of Global Food Economics and Policy (China Agricultural University).

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